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Is Celta Academy only for Spanish People?

No. Although some of the coaches speak Spanish, the Academy is open to any child that aspires to be great!

When are trainings held?

Training runs from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM during the week.

How is Celta Academy connected with Spain?

Celta Academy is directly connected to the professional group, RC Celta de Vigo, in Vigo, Spain. Their staff works with our staff weekly to develop plans for the children and will even have coaches come from Spain to help in the development of our children.

What makes RC Celta USA better?

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Are the coaches from Spain?

Yes. Every three months, the coaches rotate in and out.

Is the director from Spain?

No. However, our director, Stelian Baban, lived in Spain for ten years and worked in El Cantera at both legendary clubs Rayo Vallecano and Atletico Madrid. He is the only American ever to do so.

What is the difference between a UEFA PRO coach and a regular coach?

The difference is massive – a quantum leap. For example, A UEFA Pro coach is like a college professor and a regular coach is like a kindergarten teacher.

What league(s) does Celta Academy play in?

Celta Academy plays in several leagues based on the overall skill of the team. Some leagues we have played in are EDP, ICSL, and The Spring Rock League

Do you play tournaments?

Yes. We play, on average, four tournaments per year.

Does RC Celta USA train in the winter?

Yes. We partner with Sofive and run training and play in leagues.

Does RC Celta USA have summer camps?

Yes! We will have three weeks of camp in July. July 8th – 12th, July 15th – July 19th, July 22nd – July 26th.


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At Celta Academy, we bring eagerness, zeal, professionalism, and dedication to everything we do. Our team is driven by like minded coaches all having the same vision while bringing passion, care and respect to every player. As a result, we can deliver unequaled experiences while striving to offer an impacting and unique program, positively influencing the future generations.


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